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We established Novus Accountancy in 2019 with the vision of leaving our employed roles, improving our work/life balance and having a happier home.

As the pandemic hit we started working from home and realised just how much our family time was suffering as a result of the restrictions of our employments.  We gained over an hour of our day not commuting - and even calculated that over a year we gained 9.5 days with our family from not having to travel to work.  With this in mind, we turned to advisory and coaching services to help us to assess, plan and action our ultimate goals for both the business and ourselves.

Whilst accountancy still remains a strong element of Novus, we realise that many businesses want more than just their accounts and tax completing.  We want to add meaning and value to the numbers to make a difference to business owners, like ourselves, help them realise their full potential and turn their aspirations into reality through coaching.


Beth Williams


Coach & Accountant

Beth is an AAT licensed accountant with over 10 years experience in accountancy in various industries.  She also provides coaching support to help business owners achieve their dreams. 

Ben Oxborough_edited.jpg



Ben co-founded of Novus Accountancy with Beth and has over 8 years experience in finance and accountancy across a variety of industries.  His areas of expertise are payroll and personal taxes.


Master of Mischief

Pixie is constantly finding new ways to get up to no good.  Despite her mischievous demeanor, she can always be relied upon to put a smile on your face.


Trainee Trouble Maker 

Oreo is certainly one of the most vocal Novus pets and has certainly learned a lot from the master of mischief.  Oreo loves exploring and playing with Pixie.


And of course, our team isn't complete without you!

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